Here’s the short version:
Chocolate. Butter. Fresh vegetables. Ripe fruit. Pastry. Cake. Roast chicken. Dinner at home. Neighbors. Family. Friends. Simplicity. And Chocolate, again. And maybe again.
Here’s the longer version:
Hi! My name is Anne and I cook at home. A lot. I love all those things listed above and more. Spoons and Suburbia is filled (or, if you are joining us early, it will be filling itself very steadily) with recipes, videos, gluten-free-ness, and more than likely, seemingly off-topic observations about any number of things likely having to do with living in my little seaside suburb in California. Nothing here is going to be super fancy. Honestly, I don’t want to worry about making my child’s lunch the envy of all the other moms. This is real food we’re talking about. Delicious, simple food. It’s meant to be placed in front of your wonderful family and friends in order to make them, and you, happy.
So let’s cook. And chat. And eat chocolate.

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